Miriam Bryant – Push Play


This could well be the most ‘pop’ ever posted on this blog. After being featured in a fashion-commercial, Sweden’s Miriam Bryant’s (English/Finnish parents, hence the name) latest single “Push Play” is already a semi-hit in her native country. It’s also a perfect example of a straight-up pop song where everything else is subordinate to an immediately pleasant melody. It’s not very fast-paste or hard-hitting, nor is it particularly innovative. Instead it relies solely on the melodious synth/vocal interplay to deliver the goods. She has a powerful voice that feels very contemporary, think a mixture of Adele and Sia (from David Guetta’s “Titanium”) and you’re not far off. The very essential synth-hook gives more than a nod to MGMT’s “Kids” or “Time To Pretend‘s” characteristic keyboard-lines. In other words, virtually everything is in place for “Push Play” to be regarded as flawless pop song.

“Push Play” is one undeniably melodic and lovely pop creation, from an artist who already won my heart with “Finders Keepers”. Her very accomplished album Raised In Rain that’s much more low-key and melancholic in general – on where she mentions Bon Iver as her lyrical inspiration, is out now.

3 thoughts on “Miriam Bryant – Push Play

  1. Frida says:

    Love both the songs but the video to Push Play – not so much. Her expression in the video feels (to me) blank and acted. Cool detail with the piano breaking as she plays though.

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