Tove Lo – Habits


This week seems to be all about Scandinavia. We featured the lovely Dane Esther Maria’s sparse dream-pop, Norway’s KasketClub introduced us to some energetic cillwave and to top thing of we gave you the latest Swedish pop sensation, Miriam Bryant. So why stop there? Why not introduce you to a girl on the verge of an international breakthrough.

Tove Lo Nilsson’s musical career started in a rock band, traveling across Sweden and playing in “shitty bars”. She eventually settled down to focus on her own song writing witch successfully lead her to land a record deal with Warner/Chapell. From there she began writing music for other artists together with Niki & The Dove producer Elof Loelv and renowned producers Alexander Kronlund and Patrik Berger.

There’s without a doubt an apparent star quality to her persona, and she clearly has more to offer then sitting around and letting other artist take the credit for her talent. So thankfully, the 24-year old has now embarked on a journey that most likely will lead to a successful solo career.

Following “Love Ballad”, Tove Lo’s second single “Habits”, is an infectious breakup anthem with quirky and witty lyrics, most apparent in the first few lines of the song: “I ate my dinner in my bathtub / then I go to sexclubs / watching freaky people getting it on”. This is as unromantic as a song could ever be, focusing on drinking oneself to oblivion, vomiting and sucking everyone’s face to get over a failed relationship. The stupendously catchy refrain hits right to the core of any heartbroken despair with the lines: “You’re gone and I got to stay high all the time / To keep you of my mind / Spend my dayz locked in a haze / Trying to forget you babe (?) / I fall back down”

“Habits” is a straight-up clever pop song, by a nifty artist, with the knowhow to write an infectious hook. After being prompted by Marina & The Diamonds Twitter-page, there’s already a huge buzz surrounding her, and we’re keen on getting on the hype-train and further endorse her as the newest and hottest addition to Sweden’s pop-o-sphere.

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