Wild Swim – Another Night

Another Night (1)

We often write about the importance of being original or creative, but preferably not at the expense of quality and certainly not at the expense of melody. But what we desire is when these two elements come together to create something immediately gripping. This is most definitely the case with Wild Swim’s latest offering.

Now, originality can take shape in many ways. If we would be so rude and start to dismember “Another Night”, we would find a whole bunch of recognizable components. The bass line is more or less a replica of The xx’s “Intro”, the synthesizers could easily been lifted off Neon Indian’s Era Extraña, while frontman Richard Sansom’s vocals could be describes as a mixture of Wild Beasts and AWOLNATION. Nevertheless when all is in place, “Another Night” is an inspired and fresh experience, constantly morphing and shifting its way to new jarring heights. From the subtle intro the song builds on an unpredictable allure, steadily climbing towards its climax of harmonious guitars and a full-fledged soundscape. Yet “Another Night” is instantaneously accessible, centered around Samson’s melodious vocals until it erupts into the repetitive mantra: “We set sail for a place that I thought I known / But I didn’t know”.

This is the Oxford five-piece’s second release, preceded by the art-rock aesthetics of last year’s Echo’s EP. With “Another Night” they’ve taken a huge leap forward, expanding on their sound and growing in confidence. “Another Night” is out May 6.

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