The National – Demons


There’s certainly no need to give this band an introduction. They are one of the true great’s of the indie-rock scene, with about a half-dozen album releases under their belt. They became popular in the most traditional way; by releasing excellent albums, getting countless positive reviews and then set sail to tour the hell out of them.  It took them almost a decade, but with the release of 2010’s High Violet, they finally reached “world-fame” stardom. On High Violet they suddenly matched the greats of the genre, creating a beautiful and meaningful record that transcended into mainstream territory in the same manner as Arcade Fire succeeded, a few years prior.

We’ve been waiting a good 3 years for a sign of life, but on this glorious Monday morning I’m glad to write that the waiting is over. The National just offered us a very first peak at a new song from their upcoming album, titled Trouble Will Find Me.

“Demons” feels more like something that could’ve be lifted of 2007’s Boxer, then anything from High Violet. “Brainy” is possible the song that most closely resembles “Demons”, but with a more bottom-heavy production, imposing a richer appearance to their sound aesthetics. Matt Berninger’s signature baritone voice defines most of the song, while Bryan Devendorf’s drumming is impeccable as always. “Demons” may not be as immediately striking as some of High Violet’s pinnacles, but it most certainly is a well-crafted, wholehearted creation in typical The National-manner.

Trouble Will Find Me is due out on 20th of May.

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