NONONO – Pumpin Blood


You’ve been warned! This is highly contagious music. If you continue to read further, there’s a great chance you’ll be whistling the infectious hook of “Pumpin’ Blood” for some time to come.

As we stated back in January, NONONO is one of the most exciting electro-pop outfits to emerge out of Sweden this year. I ended up deservedly naming “Human Being” an ‘Instant Classic’ and have ever since eagerly awaited its follow-up. So today, NONONO revealed a brand new song, titled “Pumpin’ Blood”. While I favor “Human Beings” theatrical soundscape over “Pumpin’ Blood” high paste energy, the joyous uplifting sentiment makes it one heck of a pop song – a hybrid between Niki & The Dove and Icona Pop, if you will. It has the potential to break NONONO into daytime radio in Sweden, as well as setting them up for international success.

As a band, NONONO is still somewhat mysterious. What I know is that they are a trio, consisting of one singer and two producers who previously worked with fellow Swede’s Icona Pop and Beatrice Eli. They are signed to Best Fit Records and as far as I know, they are currently working on a full-length debut. The story will most definitely continue..

“Pumpin’ Blood” is out now in Scandinavia via Spotify/iTunes and will get a UK/Europe release later this spring/summer.

If you live in Scandinavia, you get the chance to stream the B-side, “Down Under” – a more laid-back track with a gorgeous melody. Stream it via Spotiy:

2 thoughts on “NONONO – Pumpin Blood

  1. FridaValentina says:

    Just the very first lines in this post made me jump down and click “play” for this song, one can say you had my attention! Have to say I liked it, it makes we wanna dance! My ears complain a little at the few seconds where the song goes as for example at 2.15. But hey otherwise thumps up!

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