Air Review – Animal


Unfortunately, several of this year’s greatest “folktronic” (for lack of a better word) releases, like High Highs’ spectacular Open Season and Caveman’s self-titled sophomore record (both of them featured on this site), have gone by largely unnoticed, getting mixed reviews and falling of radar way too quickly. Caveman’s currently holding an aggregate score of 67 on Metacritic, while High Highs has been reviewed by less than a handful of the leading music websites. One review stated that lot of the dialogue concerning current indie rock trends is the perceived lack of inspiration and creativity. But what typically happens is that a couple of fast rising genre-stars (in this case Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes) spawn countless new acts that follow in their trail with the same established formula. When the breaking point is reached, the initial hype fades and publishers move on to the next big thing leaving numerous outstanding acts that may’ve gotten a wide coverage a few years back, largely unnoticed or even disregarded.

Hopefully this won’t be the case with the Dallas quintet Air Review, since this is a band worth getting excited over. “Animal” is one of the finest examples of indie-folk mixed with electronics that you’re likely to hear at the moment.  Just about 15 seconds in, it gets apparent that this is a band with a flair for beautiful harmonies. The interplay between Douglas Hale’s falsetto vocals and the pulsating synth bass is exquisitely constructed, feeling inspired and assured. As the song progresses, sweeping 80’s keyboards are added giving the song a dreamlike ambiance. About mid-way through, the song reaches its peak with the introduction of lovely reverberated guitar, reminiscent of Snuffy Walden’s lush play on the Friday Night Light’s theme song.

In my book, Air Review created an effusively captivating song that’s well-deserved of some proper attention.  So take a listen below, form your own opinion. Maybe you end up enjoying at as much as I do.

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