Treetop Flyers – Things Will Change


About three years ago the London based five-piece won the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition, released a beautiful song called “Mountain Song” and then…nothing. They seemingly vanished from the face of the earth, leaving me think that they were gone for good. As it turns they just relocated for a while, swapping urban England for the rolling hills of Malibu where they spent a considerable amount of time recording their full-length debut set to be released later this spring (depending on where you live). The change of scenery is quite fitting since Treetop Flyers are one of UK’s best kept secrets of vintage Californian country-rock.

Apparent by the title, it seems like things are changing for the quintet. Even if they essentially use the same ingredients as previously, their sound is bigger and bolder, paying dues to Fleetwood Mac’s late 70s recordings as well as nods towards contemporary acts like Band Of Horses (even a quick salute to Roy Orbinson). The producer behind the lush recording is Noah Georgeson, who previously worked with Devendra Banhart and Johanna Newsom, who seemingly changed their sound into a brightly colored palette of huge choruses and sun-infused harmonies.

“Things Will Change” is their most melodic and up-tempo creations to date, a joyous ride bursting with lavish vocal harmonies, slide guitars, acoustic guitars, electronic guitars, well almost any guitar of your choice. This is the sound of 70’s Beverly Hills packed into four short minutes of sun-drenched ambiance.

The Mountain Moves is out on April 29 in the UK and June 25 in the US.

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