Joywave ft. KOPPS – Tongues


Just returned from a much needed vacation and it seems that a lot can happen in five short days. There were the unfortunate events in Boston that we’re not going to address any further since we don’t deal with politics. Still, our thoughts and concern goes out to those who are affected by these events in the beautiful city of Boston, hoping that those responsible are held accountable for their actions.

Music-wise, everything on twitter seemed to address the alleged release of Jai Paul’s debut album.  After a rollercoaster of speculation of whether it really was his debut album that leaked (or was put there intentionally) or if his laptop got stolen and someone else leaked it on Bandcamp, Jai Paul’s twitter account killed the rumors by stating on his first ever Tweet that the demos were in fact not uploaded by him (which of course give room for several new suppositions, but the fact remain that the demos are no longer available on Bandcamp).

Another big event was the release of the first Empire Of The Sun song in 4 years. The song titled “Alive” caused a huge fuss and stir for about 12 hours, before everybody moved on to the next thing. Our opinion is that the hyped world of the blogosphere (that we here at IFM are a part of – we’re not deluded to think anything else) is getting a bit out of hand. There seems to be lacking some interesting comments or opinions addressed to these occasional events of speculative Bandcamp or Soundcloud uploads or new releases/comeback records of big names (David Bowie, MBV, Daft Punk – the list is getting pretty long). Everybody seems obsessed with being the first one to “write” about a certain new release as a way of seizing attention to their site. And while we at IFM at times certainly are a part of the problem rather than the solution, we feel it’s valid to question whether this is a sustainable way of presenting and discussing new music. We like Empire of The Sun’s new song, so it’s not unlikely that we’re going to feature it at some point, but we need a couple of more spins before we’re ready to decide, and we most certainly won’t post anything without a piece on why we think it’s worth posting.

This also addresses the valid question of why one should run a music blog. I recently read an article on Portals Meet a Blogger-section about Josh Dalton from the UK-based blog Crack In The Road, who stated that he’s only interested in covering unheard artist and never “without writing anything to go along side it” or without providing something new to add to the story. We at IFM think this is a pretty good reason for running a blog, if there ever exists one.  This is a great way for unknown artist to get certain amount of coverage, perhaps leading to signing a record deal or at least building a bigger fan base. On the other hand, we’re not going to exclude writing about artists that are big names just because they’ve already gotten extensive coverage from other blogs. The music we write about gives us a lot of pleasure and is consequently our warmest recommendation to you, regardless of how many Youtube hits or Facebook likes they have. But we never post anything without speaking our mind, and where more than happy to post good music from unknown artist.

Now, time to get back to what we love the most; presenting new music that we’re truly excited about. Slightly under the radar of Jai Paul and EOTS this weekend, was the release of Joywave’s latest mixtape 8888 featuring the outstanding track, “Tongues”.  This is a song that most certainly got a lot of coverage over the last few days (apparently reaching #1 on Hypem if we’re not mistaken), but our intent is not to jump on the hype train. We however believe that the Rochester’s five-piece has released a track that could well end up on our end-of-the year list, when the time comes to summarize 2013.

“Tongues” is a sparkling collage of joyous electro-pop. The mixture of Daniel Armbusters and KOPPS’ Patricia Petrone vocals gives more than a nod to Hot Chip and MGMT. The chopped-up vocals together with the pulsating electronic  bass-lines give the song an infectious groove that puts them right up there with some of the greatest electro-pop songs we’ve enjoyed the last couple of years (MGMT’s “Electric Feel”, Passion Pit’s “I’ll Be Alright”, Hot Chip’s “One Life Stand”).

Lot of the discoveries that we write about are our own, but sometimes we owe a lot to those blogs that we respect and follow. Joywave is unfortunately a band that we never previously encountered, so for a more elaborate background information, it’s better to divert your attention to Tympanograme – the place we discovered “Tongues” in the first place.

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