Amber Edgar – Honey & Sorrow / Troubles


It’s a real pleasure to introduce you to Amber Edgar. She’s a multitalented artist from Hamilton, Ontario, who never released anything previously or performed any of her songs, except to her friends and occasional openings for local bands. The songs stayed trapped in her world, until she couldn’t contain it anymore. “I needed to have my music heard. A dialog had to be formed. I felt an urgency to become committed to my creative endeavors, whatever the cost.” she says. Thankfully, she did.

She is gifted with a stunning voice, at times powerful, at times warm. Everything about her feels genuine and earnest. Her music comes from the deepest place within, as a way of dealing with traumatic moments in her life.

The two songs available to us, shows two completely different sides to her musicianship. “Honey & Sorrow” is a classic mid-tempo indie-rock; her voice and vocals not far from 90’s Skunk Anansie, while the instrumental echoes a bit of Kurt Vile-esque folk-rock, if that makes any sense. We might have wished for a bit more reverb on the vocals, possibly pushed back further in the mix. The instrumentals, especially the reverb-laden guitars are so beautiful that it deserves to take up more of the space. Either way, it’s a brilliantly executed first effort.

The second song is “Troubles”, showing us a much softer and personal side; asking if her troubles are all behind her now in a heartfelt yet warm manner. It not as immediately gripping as “Honey &Sorrow”, but after required multiple listening’s, it’s the one that stands out.

While she, as so many musicians, cant’ afford to live solely on her music, joggling day-time jobs with playing occasional shows in her hometown, she’s planning to embark on touring, hopefully this fall when can expect hearing more music from her.

We’re glad to play a small part in her journey, helping a bit to spread her music to anyone who’s adventurous in their musical taste. We recently addressed the issue of why one should run a music blog (read here). Our conclusion was that as long as our heart is in the right place, i.e. that we write about artist that give us pleasure (big or small), not just to chase traffic to our site, than we for one think it’s worth the time and the effort. If we along the way can help artists gain a bit more exposure, than even better.

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