Poliça ft. Justin Vernon – Tiff


Instant Classic

Sooner or later, this collaboration was bound to happen. Minnesota’s Poliça, founded by Ryan Olson and Channy Leaneagh are both members of the 25+ collective Gayngs, who incidentally also happens to have Justin Vernon as a member. Not to mention that it’s a well-known fact that Vernon is a huge fan of the band, calling them “…the best band (he) ever heard”.

Upon release, their debut, and so far only album, Give You The Ghost, got much well-deserved praise by most music journals and online publications and there seems to be an overall consensus that they have the potential of becoming huge. To take help from indie-folks most well-known voices won’t exactly slimmer their chances.

While the template may not be an original one, our view is that Poliça have a unique way of mixing synthesizers induced R&B with folk influences. While “Tiff” is quite an expected continuation of their sound, it’s also a lot more focused and bass-heavy. The synths are put in the foreground giving a subtle edge to their R&B meets indie-folk. Channy Leaneagh’s voice has been described as “Fiona Apple fronting TV on the Radio”, a very illustrative and fitting description, probably more so on “Tiff” than on anything previously. Her lyrics floats naturally and cyclically over the funky bass-line, propelled by shimmering synth riffs and scattered percussions, produced by the hands of confident musicians.

Justin who only seems to contribute on songs that sticks to your bones (“Monster”, “Ashes In The Air”, “Sorrow”), does his usual falsetto backing on “Tiff”, lifting the song to remarkable heights. “Tiff’s” funky rhythm sucks you in and is by far Poliça’s greatest achievement.

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