Hunter As a Horse – Hunter As a Horse


For those of you who enjoyed our feature on NINA, we’re happy to introduce you to another London based electronic act. Their music might be a bit darker but just as captivating. Originally from South Africa, the duo met in Johannesburg where they started a band called Black Rabbit before they relocated in London for a better chance of getting their music heard. After writing and producing for other acts they decided to start off on their own as Hunter As a Horse.

They were introduced to us as “Bat For Lashes meets The xx in a David Lynch movie”. And frankly, it’s not the worst way of describing their music. In songs like “The Woods” or “Stone Foxes” the comparison to Bat For Lashes is a fitting one. Mia Van Wyk’s vocals certainly have an etheric quality to it, fitting nicely with the sparse, hazy electronics. But the most interesting aspect of their music is the blend of organic bass play with retrospective synthesizers. This is most evident in “Visions” and “The Train”, which also happen to be two of our favorite songs on their self-titled album. For anybody who enjoys hearing a darker version of Niki & The Dove, should find comfort in Hunter As a Horse.

They claim to draw inspiration from sources of astral travel, shamanism and psychedelia, which could explain the comparison to David Lynch. There is certainly an eerie, otherworldly feel to their aesthetics; not exactly electronic music made for jolly dance-floor clubs. Rather, their creation is a pure meditative and introspective one, that needs time to breathe.

“We Will Meet Again” breaks the norm and builds on euphoric trance-y keyboard-play.  The song immediately takes hold of you and transports you to a sunlit after beach party tucked away in some distant galaxy.  It’s their most pop oriented effort and is the perfect introduction to the talented and experienced duo.

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