Silent Noise Parade – We Used To Drink


It turn out to be to be a fairly slow week of new musical encounters, so I decided to go on a ‘blogroll stroll’ to seek out something new and fresh. I found this  catchy synth-driven pop gem through the wonderful blog of Hearty Vibes. In short, Silent Noise Parade is a five-piece band; formed roughly about 2 years and recently released their full-length debut, Electric Lives and the Nightmare That Follows. While nothing on the album is as amazingly catchy as “We Used To Drink”, there are bits and pieces of lovely electronic psychedelia, echoing the likes of Sleigh Bells and Crystal Castles.  But where “We Used To Drink” excels is in the ingeniously melodic synth- hook, with one or two nods towards M83’s “Kim & Jessie”.  If you’re still not convinced, then head over to GoldenPlec for more reasons to embrace this upcoming Irish act.

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