MGMT – Alien Days


At least on a personal level, MGMT’s return with a new single at this year’s international Record Store Day, was greeted with enthusiasm.  I might be one of the few that considers Oracular Spectacular to be one of the highlights of the last decade. Big words perhaps, but it’s my truthful, honest opinion. There are certain records that for various reasons affect us more then we initially might have expected or even whants to admit. The timing of the release, the sound, the harmonies, all was perfectly executed to fit my personal taste and needs at the time.

Three years went by and MGMT released their follow-up. Not quite as successful, somewhat uneven, even described as a sophomore slump by some, and certainly not as subjectively important as Oracular, but Congratulation could at the time at least be regarded as a bold and fascinating direction for a band that could just as easily have continued down the mainstream-trail and released commercially accessible follow-ups to “Kids” or “Time To Pretend”. Instead they went deeper into their psychedelic route, with rainbow colored Barrett-esque soundscapes.

We are soon to be faced with their third full-length and it’s left to see whether the duo can still play a vital part of contemporary psy-pop. Since the release of Congratulations, the likes of Tame Impala, or more recently Youth Lagoons have released spectacular takes on pshycedelia, far more memorable than anything on the duos sophomore record. Still, I hold that every MGMT release is a welcomed happening.

“Alien days” doesn’t disappoint. However, one could have wished for a different route; either further down the rabbit hole or something completely dissimilar. Of what I can understand, it hasn’t created any noteworthy stir – more or less welcomed with a shrug of indifference. But “Alien days” is a pretty decent effort, with the twist and shifts of “Siberian Breaks” mixed with a bit of Wondrous Bughouse-sounding keyboard-play. MGMT sounds pretty comfortable in their creation, not worrying too much about pleasing critics or a certain crowd. If this particular track is representative for the entire album, only time will tell.

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