Coasts – Wallow


Coasts’ follows up their  first single with “Wallow”. It’s heavier on the guitars, but just as melodic as its predecessor. They may onlybe in two singles in, but they’ve already proven their ability to churn out huge hooky harmonies fueled with soaring guitars and larger-than-life drumming. Coasts’ or on their way to really breaking it big (just as we hoped and predicted on our previous feature), with over 130.000 views on YouTube, spins on UK’s Radio 1 and sold out shows. “Wallow” is yet another leap forward, and should rightfully cement Coasts as one of the more accessible and easily likeable British indie-rock bands at the moment.

Their EP, titled Paradise is set to be released on April 29. In addition to the two featured singles, you can also catch another track called “Coasts – Stone” via Soundcloud.

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