The Money Go Round – Endless Sun


All credit for this finding should go to Paul Elliots’s excellent blog Avoiding Silence. So if Australia’s The Money Go Round is your cup of tea, please head over to Paul for more background information on the band.

I do however feel that I should write a few words since we feature “Endless Sun” as an ‘Instant classic’. Just as Paul writes, this is the type of “revivalist” psychedelic-rock that the Aussie’s do best. There are bits of pieces of other Australian bands, predominantly Tame Impala; just listen to the drumming and compare it with “Apocalypse Dream” or the Lennon-esque vocals for that matter. Just like Tame Impala, The Money Go Round are masters of atmospheric textures with a swirling haze of classic harmonies. There’s also a feeling of Jagwar Ma’s sunlit surf-pop aesthetics and a guitar play reminiscent of “The Throw”. “Endless Sun” is a flawless, meditative experience fueled with assured song writing, overflown with a sundrenched sentiment. This is as good as psychedelic-pop gets at the moment.

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