Wild Nothing – A Dancing Shell


Jack Tatum is a prolific artist, churning out between-album EP’s of great quality and substantial length. 2010 years 6-track EP Golden Haze was just as good as anything on his debut, and in less than a month he is set to release yet another EP with fresh material.  According Tatum, the EP is the result of some serious soul searching following the extensive touring of his last album. He struggled to come to terms what it meant to be a musician, playing the same songs night after night before faced with boredom after the touring finished. This is an EP where he found himself exploring new grounds, not restrained or held back by anything. This is also the product of hours spent listening to David Bowie and Brian Eno, clearly perceptible on the first teaser, “A Dancing Shell”.  It’s Station to Station-era Bowie mixed with early 80’s Talking Heads. Stylistically it’s also a bit of a return to the washed-out lo-fi sounding production of his debut. Wonderful stuff.

Empty Estate is a 7-track EP. out May 14.

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