Jagwar Ma – Man I Need


By now, it’s safe to say that Jagwa Ma is our most thrilling new encounter of 2013. The blend of early 90’s psychedelica with all sorts of contemporary aesthetics, earned “The Throw” to be rightfully labeled as an ‘instant classic’ (read here). The detailed and ever-changing structure of the track makes every revisit a rewarding experience.

Our favorite Aussie duo has finally announced some details of their upcoming debut album and a brand new track to make the two months left to its release as excruciating as possible. “Man I Need” further expands on their lengthy psychedelic aesthetics, twisting and morphing its way through 10 minutes of Revolver-esque neon-glazed psych-pop. It is less guitar-driven than its predecessor, relying on a hazy sitar-like melody and heavy percussions. Much like “The Throw”, “Man I Need” undergo a sudden metamorphosis into a stunning rave-anthem, driving the track towards a flickering “summer-of-love”-type of ending.

The way Jagwar Ma manage to blend existing trends in electronics with the zeitgeist of current indie pop promises the debut to become a Screamadelica for a new generation. A lot to live up to perhaps, but everything about their three astonishing singles delivers on this notion, and we’re left begging for more.

Jagwar Ma’s debut Howlin will be available June 10.

UPDATE:  There is no “sudden metamorphosis into a stunning rave-anthem”, the second half is actually the B-side, “Exercise”.  So you get two brilliant tracks in one.

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