Saskatchewan – Young Ministry


As we stated in our feature of Saskatchewan’s excellent ”Possession”, this is a band that knows how to churn out nostalgia-drenched indie pop with clear focus on atmospheric harmonies. Their latest release titled “Young Ministry” is no different; perhaps a bit more guitar-driven and faster in paste, it revisit the grand old 80’s with a The Cure/early-New Order like ambiance, echoing Wild Nothings wonderful debut Gemini. It might take a couple of listens, but once you get there it should clear that this is their best effort yet. They keep seemingly getting better and better at what they do, setting up for an interesting full-length debut. They might not be original, emulating the sound of bands like Real Estate, Beach Fossils, Craft Spells, The Drums and Wild Nothing, but at the moment there is no one that does it better.

We know a little bit more about them this time around; based in Orlando, Saskatchewan originated out of the one-man project of the multi-talented Chandler Strangs, but has over time grown into a fully formed band, touring extensively with a hailed performance at this year’s SXSW under their belt. Their debut Occasion is out on April 30th via Father Daughter Records.

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