Big Scary – Luck Now


The Melbourne based duo of Big Scary is a hard band to grasp, seemingly doing whatever pleases them.  At the core of it all, Tom Lansek’s and Joanna Syme’s sound could be describes as boundless, experimental indie folk, incorporating elements from shoegaze to experimental techno and everything in between. For those who are unfamiliar with their back-catalogue, the beautiful “Autumn” is a great place to start:

They’ve managed to release more than a handful of EP’s and an LP that apparently gone a bit of radar here in Europe, but I can promise that with a single like “Luck Now” they’re headed for prominence. The interplay between the lyrics and the cut-up drumming is exquisitely executed;  a bit of Justin Vernon-esque trade-off between emotional vocals and experimental ambiance, if you like.

“Luck Now”  has several important elements of what I value in a great song; an instantly recognizable and distinctive presence, big emotionally charged vocals, beautiful lush harmonies; all delivered with a clever restraint. If not before, “Luck Now” should rightfully break Big Scary to a larger audience and hopefully more people will discover their back-catalogue.

Big Scary’s sophomore album titled Not Art is set for release on June 28th.

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