New Gods – New Gods EP


There’s something in the water in the land down under.

At the moment, there seems to be a boundless stream of first-rate music coming out the sundrenched shores of Australia. Following our features of Jagwar Ma, The Money Go Round and Big Scary, it’s time to introduce yet another Aussie encounter.

This is a band with an intriguing name – probably what made us click play in the first place. A self-titled debut EP by a band called New Gods; well, there was simply no room for letting it slide by. Our first back-to-back listen left us awestruck. New Gods have crafted one of those rare debuts that balance accessibility with creativity but without the loss of focus and close attention to details. To say the least; they sound a lot more experienced than a band who just released their debut. Well, after some digging we discovered that New Gods are actually created out of the ashes of Little Red, a successful Australian band with several full-length released under their belt. Little Red’s two former members, Dominic Byrne and Adrian Beltrame, teamed up with three additional musicians who left various projects behind  to form New Gods.

Debut or no debut, this is one heck of an EP. There are certainly a lot of things thrown into the pot during the EP’s short 5-track course. While the first two tracks “Razorblades” and “On Your Side” are more similar in character, there are enough attention-grabbing details to set them apart. The latter appears at first glance to be pretty straight forward indie-rock, but explodes into an anthemic rock chorus with high-octane guitar riffs. Near the end, the track disrupts into a beautiful The Killer-esque sweeping synth-break, before climbing towards a straggling hands-in-the-air type of finishing climax.

“On Your Side” is followed by the EP stand-out “Klipse”; a track that builds on a high-pitched vocal sample, not so unlike Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead” (but much less annoying). with layers upon layers of electrifying instrumental details; melancholic piano play, flangered guitars, soulful lyrics, lavish synthesizers; stacked on top of each other, occupying every chunk of the space to create an utterly captivating genre-bending clash.

The forth track “70 Hours” is a beautifully executed blend of Fleetwood Mac meets Roxy Music, further underpinning New God’s creative and varied spirit. The EP ends with the slow-builder “Skipping Stone (Oblivion)”, an indie folk meets 90 ‘s rock ballad that starts sparsely but ultimately explodes into one heck of a guitar riff towards the end.

New God’s debut is a musical journey from start to finish. How the five members met and found such an inspired playground, is beyond our knowledge, but every now and then a change of scenery or a fresh-start can become a stimulating platform for creation. We just hope that they manage to endure and continue to charm us. This is an impressive debut, transcending genres, transcending moods and further cementing Australia as the safes place to find new upcoming bands with a wide spectrum of influences.

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