Laurel – Blue Blood


Violet’s hauntingly beautiful “Where The Wild Things Grow” just got some serious competition as the pop ballad of the year. London’s Laurel Arnell Cullen first release in over a year has created a huge stir already; featured on several major UK blogs and climbing to a high spot on Hypem. “Blue Blood” seemingly suffers from a superficial comparison to Lana Del Rey, a valid one to a certain point, but (almost) nothing Miss Del Rey has done is as heart-wreckingly stunning as “Blue Blood”. Yes, there are some similarities in the use of the opening samples and the video’s mish-mash of vintage footage initially takes your mind to “Video Games”, but Laurel’s voice overshadows any further implications. Going further, there is no big PR-circus undermining the artistry; this is the creation of Laurel, writing and producing the entire song by herself and uploading the demo for our enjoyment.

While her first and only single “Next Time” relied more on a sparse piano-driven arrangement, “Blue Blood” is more direct, leaning more towards pop with an added rhythm section, bass and orchestrated synthesizers. We do not yet know if “Blue Blood” will break any new ground for the young singstress, but after a couple of spins it’s getting evident that this type of arrangement suits her voice like a glove, creating yet another dimension to her music. We’ve waited a long time for her follow-up and even if “Blue Blood” is so far only released as a demo, her recent signing to Turnfirst Recordings might be an indication that more work is in progress. Hopefully that is the case, since the world needs more genuine singers like Laurel.

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