Goldsmith – Backbone & White Flamingo


We’ve featured a lot of Australian bands of late so why stop now? With summer right around the corner, there’s no place more suited for breezy sun-lit pop than the summer-all-year-long land of down under. While there might not be anything new under the sun, there is certainly a lot of sunshine in Goldsmith’s music. This is music perfectly suited for long drives during scorching summer days, with a lot of catchy watery and sunny references to sing along to (“You been swimming against the tide” or “In the summer I’ll be there” and so on).

Goldsmith has so far only released two songs, but both are a show-off in refined gloss-pop, draped in harmonious textures of vintage synthesizers.  If the lo-fi sound of Ariel Pink or Wild Nothing is your thing than Goldsmith’s home-style recording of “Backbone” and “White Flamingo” should fit you like a glove. This is music rooted in a different era but still very much part of now. Lo-fi might not be as fashionable as a few years back, but when you get songs that are this infectious and melodious then it hardly matters. Just listen to the beautiful lonesome guitar solo midway through of “White Flamingo”; this is a band clearly very good at what they’re doing and we for one certainly would like to hear a lot more from them.  Listen to both tracks below. 


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