Guest Feature: Paul Elliott – Curator Of Avoiding Silence


“There’s Only Two Type Of Music – Good and Bad!”

Paul Elliott is the Curator of Avoiding Silence – an eclectic music site featuring daily weekday updates of new discoveries, brilliantly narrated by the words of Paul. In this feature, Paul has provided us with three excellent recommendations from Brighton, UK’s grassroots scene.



Hope and Social

“We make timeless music and give it away, like our brand new album All Our Dancing Days.” claim this ensemble from Yorkshire (an historic county of Northern England) who proud themselves in including their audience in mostly everything they do.
They have their own studio, issue their releases independently from the industry, are proud of their mistakes, celebrate in their dilapidated behaviour and label themselves, “…a bit like a Yorkshire E-Street Band”


Phoria are a five-piece band incorporating members Trewin, Ed, Jeb, Seryn and Tim. They have an incredible stage show and much has been said about their incorporation of technology during their performances. Space restrictions here dictate however that I focus solely on the music which has elements of Sigur Ros and James Blake merged with heaps of other influences to create a mesmerising torrent of sound. The band have a new EP release called Bloodworks.

The Physics House Band

Formed in 2011 this three-piece contingent is a psychedelic instrument band that owes much to bands like Kayo Dot. Constituting of members Adam Hutchison, Sam Organ and Dave Morgan they have basically taken the template laid down by seventies bands like Wishbone Ash and injected into it various more contemporary elements and genres while not shying away from dipping into styles more popular in the 50’s and 60’s. They have released their debut six-track EP earlier this month called Horizons / Rupture.

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