Paper Crows – White Noise


Paper Crows is a band that has everything lined up for commercial success (we’re not saying that mainstream success is necessarily something to strive for, but we do want artist we like to fair well). During the last year or so the London duo of Emma Panas and Duncan McDougal have released track after track of grandiose synth-pop sweetened with anthemic Florence Welch-esque refrains. Sadly, it seems that very few, if any, major webzines have made a feature or article about them. The madness should stop already. This is a band that deserves a huge spot in the limelight.

Paper Crows formed back in 2010, steadily building and refining on their “neo-noir” aesthetics, striving for a perfect equilibrium between dark and light. Their eclectic compositions are complex in structure, yet effortlessly accessible and pop-oriented. There are traces of familiar strain, but always with their own delicate footprint at the foreground.

Their latest offering is as expected also their best yet. “White Noise” is a gothic display of dramatic arena-pop; it serves as music for a jumping crowd of tens of thousands, cheering along the lines of “We lift of the ground and gather clouds of white noise”. This is a band that grows with the times, moving closer towards a sound that in a fair sphere would take them to the very edge.

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