Sivu – Bodies


Given the success-story of Sivu’s debut single ”Better Man Than Me” with almost a half million views on YouTube, the gorgeously heartwarming  hums of his newest release “Bodies” should sky-rocket across the blogosphere.

The 24-years old hold an angelic voice resonating Wild Beast’s Hayden Thorpe or at times Antony & The Johnsons’ front man Antony Hegarty. Yet his music has very little to do with either of them. “Bodies” could in the broadest scenes be regarded as a kind of restrained art-pop, but first and foremost it’s a song built upon a backbone of distinctive melodies, not really sounding like anything at the moment.

“Bodies” float weightlessly across time, not owing too much to any particular era or kind. It will take you places, swaying of soothingly into your imagination, creating the perfect escape to your everyday boredom. The song thematically embraces the Biblical flood of Noah and the Ark, a faith in starting over and wiping the slate clean. It’s a song of melancholic beauty with a flicker of hope in every note and syllable: “I watch the animals walking two by two / well who do you think is going to walk with you / ‘Cause their flooding this place and starting brand new / There cleaning up our mess and taking our pain soon.” Sivu’s apocalyptic lyrics are reinforced by a heavenly orchestrated musical backdrop.

For a young artist with only two songs in his bag, Sivu shows great maturity and confidence expressed through his lyrics and creative harmonious structures. “Bodies” is a huge leap forward, surpassing the former in terms of scope and quality. This is an artist that needs a broader place in every true art or music fan’s awareness.

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