Hollow Everdaze – Ships


At the moment, Australia is a safe bet to find upcoming acts with a wide spectrum of influences – something that we love and cherish here at IFM.  But since these acts aren’t a part of our local scene, we occasionally have to look to some great Australian blogs for our findings. We came across the “neo psychedelia” of Hollow Everdaze via Who The Hell, an Australian blog with a persistent high quality of delivering excellent music backed with informative writing. So for a more elaborate background on Hollow Everdaze, we suggest that you click here.

We don’t know much except that this fairly young band has so far released three official tracks, not counting the 16-track album featuring unreleased material from 2009-2012 (which you can listen to on Bandcamp). “Ships” is their latest and their best effort according to us. Soundwise, the track could best be describes as some hazy experimental morphing between John Lennon and The National, with a sprinkle of Roy Orbinson thrown into the pot. “Ships” as well as their previous material, shows an extremely talented band that clearly are in touch with their musical influences. They know their history, to say the least.

We suggest that every true music fan should pay a close attention to these young lads and to the Australian music scene in general, so we provided you with a couple of links to some great Aussie sites, found below.


Other great Australian Blogs:

All i do is listen
Timber and Steel
Sound Doctrine
Me And All My Friends
East to West

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