Kovacs and the Polar Bear – Dandelion


Ever wondered how it would sound like if Bob Dylan suddenly picked up a synthesizer?  Well, we got the answer for you. Kovacs and the Polar Bear’s “Dandelion” is a brilliant gem with driving drum rolls, folky vocals and a vintage synth line in the midst of it all.

Admittedly, I know very little about this band, except that they’re a four-piece out of Ashville, North Carolina and know a thing or two about creating fascinating indie folk with a twist. I found them at I Guess I’m Floating and I’m glad I did.  “Dandelion” is the opening track of their first and only LP released over two years ago. Unfortunately it seems as this band got completely off radar and it’s time to change things around. Head over to their Bandcamp site for a listen to Second Sister.

UPPDATE: I should have done a more proper research but as it turned out, Kovacs and the Polar Bear are now a five-piece and Second Sister is not their debut. They’ve released an album prior, titled Loathsome Teeth – that you can get here.

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