Flyying Colours – Wavygravy


As we predicted, My Bloody Valantine’s return spun a new generation of bands dedicated to fuzzy distortion and out-of-phase guitars. Some of them bad, some of them good, but we’re committed to presenting only the very best. So far this year, our favorites include Dark Bell’s “Wildflower” and Cheatahs’ “Fall”. These are now joined by the Melbourne based Flyying Colours’ and their spotless debut of  “Wavygravy”. This is the sort of dream-pop that is immediate and catchy while still building tension with textures of layered sound without being buried too deep under a fluffy fuzz of impenetrable noise,.

Since there are many wonderful bands creating what some might call “MBV-rip offs” or “Loveless-emulation”, we should perhaps altogether stop mention My Bloody Valentine or Loveless as reference and accept these bands as an important part of the contemporary indie scene. It’s not like we yell “Kraftwerk!” every time we feature something electronic. So to once again quote Michael Nelson from Stereogum: “Loveless cannot be followed. It has already been recreated; it has already been expanded upon. Its magic has been stolen. It is not merely a classic, it has given birth to classics. It is an icon, no less so than Never Mind The Bollocks or Nevermind itself”. So we should embrace every inspiring “nu-gaze”/”post-gaze” (or any other name you would find appropriate) outfit, just as we would embrace every great punk song without bringing up Sex Pistols in each sentence. Flyying Colours, just as Dark Bells, Cheatahs and Beliefs, deserves to exist in their own time, without constant mentions of the past.

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