The National – Sea of Love


Instant Classic

It’s true that The National rarely miss, but in my opinion neither “The Demon” nor “Don’t Swallow the Cap” would qualify as more than mere fillers on High Violet. That says perhaps more of the quality of their previous record, but I cannot help feeling that there aren’t enough slow build-ups to epic pinnacles and tension-filled tempo-changes compared to the singles of their previous two albums. Well, with “Sea of Love”, Berninger & Co return to great form with a bursting jaunt, packing everything I love about the band. It shows the band recreating some of the mood and textures that made High Violet such a wonderful album. Perhaps not entirely on-par with their career heights, but it does make feel a lot more excitement towards the release of Trouble Will Find Me.

As a former producer I’m usually more interested in harmonies and structures, while seldom give much thought to lyrics. There are of course exceptions and Matt Berninger’s profound lyrics are one of them. The lyrics of “Sea of Love” deal with self-destruction and throbbing, in the same repetitive form as in “Terrible Love” or “Sorrow”: “If I stay here trouble will find me / If I stay here I’ll never leave / If I stay here trouble will find me / I believe.” It also seems that these are the lines that gave birth to the album’s title. Out on 20th May.

7 thoughts on “The National – Sea of Love

  1. Speaking hypothetically if one had downloaded the album they would say that Pink Rabbits is really great and it the album made her cry. I love this video.

  2. thanks so much for including a link to my article on here (I wrote the meltingalbumreviews article on this song). Our blog is still in its embryonic stages so we appreciate anyone and everyone who enjoys what we post.

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