Swim Deep – She Changes the Weather


I came across “She Changes the Weather” the other day and fell immediately in love with the near two minute opening of bluish piano and romantic strings. Later, I realized that Swim Deep is one British media’s latest darlings who’ve gathered a widespread fan-base from all across the British island and started finding their way into the hearts of the Scandinavian indie crowd.

As many young British bands over the decades, the Birmingham quartet lack a good deal of modesty as singer Austin Williams recently declared that “I can’t see anything compares to us” in an interview with The Guardian, which is hysterical since they sound as they just stepped out of a DeLorean together with a great chunk of current indie bands (sorry for once again using a Back to The Future reference). There are obvious references to The Stone Roses and other British bands at the turn of the 90’s. But all that hardly matter since they do it better than most at the moment.

While their former releases of “Honey” and “The Sea” were undistinguished and mundane indie pop, “She Changes the Weather” shows a band that can take all kind of apparent influences and fuse them together to staggering heights of beautiful surf-ish dream-pop. William’s lyrics floats above with starry eyed sentiment:  “She takes my time and I don’t mind /She makes me feel like / Like I can see for miles  / She changes the weather in my world / Seems like it’s never getting cold.”, he sings over a backdrop of swirling guitars and expansive harmonies.

Swim Deep’s forthcoming debut titled Where The Heaven Are We is due on July 29th.

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