AELIUS – Echoes


Ever since 2004, the London based duo of Martin Roberts and Lee Tyler has crafted electronic music under different pseudonyms, but now they’ve taken matters into their own hands with their new project titled AELIUS. Like M83, they’re obsessed with building huge sound walls of layered synthesizers, most evident on the power-surge of their latest release “Echoes”. At first, the track appears to be a slow-moving ambient composition, before igniting into a blazing synth anthem along the lines of M83’s “This Bright Flash” and “My Tears Are Becoming A Sea”. The interchange between the sparse verses and the neon lit refrain make a highly compelling contrast that could fit well on any epic sci-fi score of your choice.

Following their release of “Walls” and “No Way Out”, “Echoes” have the potential of moving them on to the next level and apparently onto the stage. The duo recently hired a drummer and a guitarist to make a fully-formed live unit. They-re set for numerous summer appearances as well as an upcoming EP. For anyone who feels discontent with M83’s tedious Oblivion score and long for the epic heights of Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, this is an absolute must.

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