Pure X – Someone Else


Instant Classic

“Someone else” contain some of most devastating and agonizing lyrics I’ve heard in recent memory. Over layers of languid guitars and discreet synth lines, singer Nate Grace calls out his tortured mantra with tormenting ache.

“Come on, burn me / Until this body’s toast / Oh come on, Make me feel, something baby / I don’t give a fuck / You know I earned it / So come on give me all your love”, he cries out in a raged desperation before turning to a beautiful falsetto to bring the song to its unsettling conclusion: “I can taste it, now your taste is standing out”. The uneasy schizophrenic presence is beautiful yet disturbing, bringing to mind some of Nick Cave’s darkest moments.

Pleasure, Pure X’s debut was a fascinating passage of shadowy themes and spare DIY approach to melodies, and while their sound is more refined now, the apocalyptic tension is even greater. The sheer rawness and nakedness of “Someone Else” makes up the most mesmerizing three minutes of their career and will certainly become an essential part of my playlist for an unforeseen future.

Pure X’s sophomore record, titled Crawling up the Stairs is out now via on Acephale records in North America and Merok records in Europe and the United Kingdom.

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