Barbarossa – Turbine


It’s been a good three months since we featured Barbarossa’s gentle organ draped “The Load” (read here), a song with a cheesy yet highly irresistible refrain that we had the nerve to compare with REO Speedwagon’s “Keep On Loving You”.

“Turbine”, his latest offering is a huge contrast to the former; a ragged blues-y stomper with heavy drums, muddy guitars and analogue synthesizers, trailing along James Mathé’s salient falsetto. The songs repetitive nature fits the scaled down composition, creating a distinctive tension that makes you feel the song rather than hearing it. While “The Load” was the perfect introduction to Mathés fragmented artistry, “Turbine” is the real show-stealer. It’s an in-your-face blues-infused pop gem, showing just how talented a songwriter Mathé really is.

For an artist mostly known for releasing acoustic albums, both these releases mark a clear break with past endeavors and should rightfully raise the expectations for his upcoming full-length.

The album, titled Bloodlines will be out in August via Memphis Industries.

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