The Everywheres – Easy Bells / Someone Disappeared


I once again bow my head to Father/Daughter Records for having such an immaculate taste. Their release of Saskatchewan’s Occasion will shortly be followed by the Nova Scotian musician Samuel Hill, who under his The Everywheres moniker fashions warm psychedelic folk music.

I have had the intention of featuring “Someone Disappeared” for a while now, but just as I were about to write a few lines, a new song seems to have surfaced. While much faster in paste, “Easy Bells” continue The Everywhere’s short-natured, straight-to-the-point eclectic psych-pop. As a supposed vagabond who spent long time on the road (naming the band The Everywheres should give a hint), Hill returned to his childhood basement in Nova Scotia to recount his prior journeys into songwriting. Clearly, there’s an unmistakable “road music” sensation when listening to the floating carefree vibe of each passing chord. He makes great use of his guitar to create harmonious overlays that with a wave of warm comforting melodies, makes me immediately want to press play again.

So, if you’re new to The Everywhere’s, you’re in for a pleasant bleached-out psychedelic time-travelling. Final destination: Woodstock.

The Everywheres’ self-titled debut album is out June 25.

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