Guest Feature: Paul Elliott #2

We once again welcome Paul Elliott from Avoiding Silence back with three new recommendations:

Straw Bear
Taking their name from the annual Whittlesey music festival, Straw Bear originated when Ian Ray and Chris Gray (both on guitar and vocals) commenced recording in their hometown of Cambridgeshire. They were soon joined by Catie Wicks, Tom Shipp (both on bass and guitars) and Pas Struthers (on drums) and now make music. their current single – Kitty – narrates a lyrical tale of being unable to satisfying artistic ambitions to music that displays folk-pop  stylishness.
Kilmarnock is a large borough in East Ayrshire, Scotland and was placed on the music map by the band Biffy Cyro when they formed there back in the late 1990’s. Fatherson have been clearly influence by this fact as they used the bands sound for a sonic launching pad to propel themselves to tour with bands like Idlewild and Twin Atlantic. The bands new single First Born features splattering guitars and a confident chorus you just can’t help get caught up in.
Symphonic Pictures
The official launch for this Newcastle quintet bands debut EP – Symphonic Pictures – is marked for June 10th but the hype surrounding this  is building to  almost feverish levels in anticipation. The four tracks on the EP exhibit classic pop structures mixed with guitars that renders a coarse texture whist displaying elegance with its production. I’m expecting to see mentions of Symphonic Pictures quiet a bit this year.

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