Pure Bathing Culture – Pendulum


Building on the drifting synth-textures and elusive harmonies introduced on last year’s self-titled debut EP, the Portland via New York duo of Pure Bathing Culture just premiered the lead single off their up-coming LP debut. On “Pendulum”, Sarah Verspille and Daniel Hindman are showing a more focused approach to their reverb-heavy dream-pop aesthetics. The shimmering electric guitars alongside the neon-lit keyboards and Sarah’s translucent vocals form a devastatingly gorgeous and well-crafted pop song.

Just like on HAERS’s “Wings”, another dream-pop act we’ve taken to our heart, there is a delicate wistful folksy vibe to “Pendulum” that froms a conspicuous contrast to the luscious composition. While their textures may be deeply obliged to its dream-pop sways of Cocteau Twins and Prefab Sprout, the duo shapes it entirely into their own effortless creation. “Pendulum” is set to be the shining album opener of Moon Tides – out on August 20th via Partisan Records.

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