Cowboy Indian Bear – Let it Down


The quartet from Kansas with the hilarious yet eloquent name, Cowboy Indian Bear are a bunch of talented shapers of pop-bathed indie folk. While that description fits a lot of music featured on this site, this one stand out in its musically sophisticated approach to multi-layered harmonies.

The band started to make a name for themselves in 2010 with the release of Each Other All the Time and the grueling tour that followed. Three years on, they’re salaried with a mounting fan-base and a lavish production on their newly released sophomore album Live Old, Die Young. While the comparatively skeletal debut worked as a firmly erected foundation, their sophomore effort is more like the grandiose imposing mansion that’s being built on top.

“Let it down”, our pick of the album, is a gentle roar of harmonized vocals with a dynamic backdrop of stunning instrumental arrangement. I could go on and try to explain its sheer beauty with words like “lush” and “sunlit”, or point to High Highs or Bon Iver for referencing its brilliant way of combining chamber folk with synthesizers, but I much rather just want you to listen and get soaked in its beauty.

Live Old, Die Young is out now.

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