The Dodos – Confidence


Following the tragic death of guitarist Christopher Reimer, who briefly played with The Dodos after the dissolution of his former group Women, the bands seems to have adapted a much rawer approach to songwriting than the typical acoustics they normally are linked with. In the statement of the album announcement, the band speak openly about Reimer’s influence; “Chris was a huge influence on the way I think about guitar, songwriting, and music in general”.

On “Confidence”, the first single of their upcoming fifth album, the electric guitar has taken central stage as well as a more suggestive ambiance. Meric Long explains: “Seeing how he (Reimer) could transform and shape sound with an electric guitar inspired me to explore more tones and use those tones to begin writing a song”. It’s undoubtedly a change of direction, and one that suits my taste more so than their former efforts.  Just as the title declares, it’s a confident revelation of a band that’s ready for a new chapter in their discography.

The new album Carrier is out on 27th August.

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