Candy Claws – Transitional Bird (Clever Girl)


Instant Classic

“Transitional Bird (Clever Girl)”, the first taste of Candy Claws upcoming third album is a wonderfully strange hallucinogen cut inheriting Syd Barrett’s manic ingeniousness at the intersect of  60’s psychedelia and contemporary shoegaze. On their last album, Hidden Lands, Candy Claws took a leap of faith and decisively traded their guitars for synthesizers. The result became a sound inhabiting a sonically comparable territory to Animal Collective’s Sun Tongs. Seemingly, on “Transitional Bird (Clever Girl)” they’ve decided to expand on their soundscape with a dense and sonically charged tension of galloping percussions and ethereal keyboards celebrating the same lavish transcendental harmonies as Youth Lagoon’s Wondrous Bughouse.

A band that for most part of their career utilized the lyrics of various books about maritime and forest life by feeding it through nature inspired sounds and textures, this is a vastly different approach to songwriting. “Transitional Bird (Clever Girl)” could actually be the very first Candy Claws recording composed around a verse-chorus-verse-chorus template. The experimental excursion of their former efforts balanced with a more traditional approach to song structure is nothing less than a stroke of genius. If this is the high level of quality we might expect of their forth-coming album, than get prepared for one of the most brilliant records of the year.

Ceres & Calypso In The Deep Time is set for release on June 25 via Two Syllable Records.

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