Laurel – Mankind


Remember the heart-wreckingly beautiful ballad ”Blue Blood”? London’s sweetheart Laurel is back with her most pop-oriented release yet, separating her from any further comparisons to Lana Del Rey. Well, almost. There are does repetitive words in the chorus that has a certain miss Del Rey-trademark written over them.  Otherwise, “Mankind” is focused around a pensive synth-chord (or is it piano? not easy to tell these days) slowly progressing towards a strong chorus with added strings building on the momentum created by Laurel’s ever so strong vocal performance.

Laurel wrote and produce “Mankind”  herself, showing what a creative and forceful musician she is. While “Next Time” was a bit of a yawn, “Blue Blood” and “Mankind” puts her at the foreground as one of the most captivating and creative British female vocalists at the moment.

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