Lauren Mayberry, Ian Cook and Martin Doherty, better known as Chvrches, are a relentless powerful force in churning out uplifting electro-pop. Every song from the Glaswegians has been a feast of sublime earwormy hooks delivered by Lauren’s charmingly graceful vocals dancing hand in hand with glowing bubblegumy synthesizers. It’s an outright success-story, bolstered by an impressive live repertoire and now a major label deal putting a significant pressure on their album debut, due out in September.

With “Gun”, an easy-going life-rejoicing pop tune, they continue seemingly without much effort to blaze their high-paced energy at us. And while it might not match the marvelous heights of their preceding two singles, it’s just the natural order of unrealistically high expectations. We still love it; especially the bouncy verses are just stunning, reinforced by their most gorgeously produced synths to date, but “Gun” lacks the marvelous “umph” of Recover’s refrain, especially the passages leading up to it generates a slight loss of momentum. Needless to say, it’s still 3 out of 3 (not counting the over a year old “Lies”), and later this year, Chvrches are set to rival Young Galaxy’s Ultramarine as the synth-pop record of the year.

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