Little Jinder – Won’t Look Back


Josefine Jinder, also known as Little Jinder, might only be 25 years old, but she’s far from new to the music business.  The young Swede released her tranquil dub-steppy EP debut back in 2008, earning her a record deal with the Brooklyn-based label Trouble & Bass. She got her breakthrough the following year with the release of “Youth Blood”, a catchy synth-pop gem that became an immediate wonder, licensed to Ministry of Sound, heavily rotated on Swedish national radio, fronted by NME’s Daily Download and even picked up by Pitchfork. Then for unknown reasons she vanished, seemingly leaving the music biz. That is until last year’s bass-heavy return of “Keep On Dreaming”, her most accomplished work up until then.

Somewhere along the way she decided to leave her label, move back to Stockholm and begin a total revitalization of her sound. She left the bass-pumping synth-pop of her more successful releases for a toned down, “back to the roots” approach of eclectic electronic pop.

Her debut album, aptly titled Break Up for its topics dealing with the aftermath of a failed relationship, is out now with two of her finest efforts to date. The first being “Love For U”, a popier version of Burial-ish dubstep, sampling the same Jesse Jackson-speech as Primal Scream’s “Come Together”, while “Won’t Look Back” is a slightly more accessible, radio ready version of her toned down dub-ish electro-pop – imagine Robyn remixed by the murky beats of Mount Kimbie (well, sort of…but you get the picture).

We imagine that the lyrics on the new album are pretty much self-lived, creating a heart-wrecklingly honest presence in her songs that’s been lacking before. “Won’t Look Back” is that initial phase after being heart-broken, wanting to go out and drain the sorrow in alcohol, trying to forget and partying like it’s no tomorrow.  The video does a great job of enhancing the emotions delivered by Jinder’s lyrics; smoking, clubbing, drinking and trying to have a good time while still very much reminded by the sadness inflicted by that very special someone.  Hope she finds comfort in the fact that bad things can lead to some good, in this case the wonderful songs of her debut album.

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