Dornik – Something About You


“Something About You” is Jessie Ware’s drummer Dornik Leigh’s tasteful debut single. It’s a tender, beautiful song, very much in sync with the inventive revitalization of R&B started by the likes of Frank Ocean and Miguel. But while Ocean and Miguel likes to revisit the heydays of the 70’s, Dornik’s yardstick is early 80’s Michael Jackson. The intimate, airy presence of Dorniks vocals are accompanied by glossy synthesizers and a bass hook similar to techno pioneer Larry Heard’s formative classic “Can You Feel It”. Dornik flows over the lush instrumentals with an effortless ease, sounding like he’s been doing this sort of thing all his life.

It’s easy to be blown away by “Something About You” and the fact that PMR Records, the home of Jessie Ware and Disclosure signed Dornik isn’t very surprising considering the abundance of talent lurking beneath his confined aesthetics. “Something About You” is without question this year’s greatest R&B debut.

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