Wise Blood – Alarm


Instant Classic

Pittsburgh’s Christopher Laufman’s Wise Blood moniker appeared in 2010 with the release of an experimental sample-based bedroom EP that eventually led to the much more polished release of These Wings . The EP was an excellent, highly addictive journey, where Laufman’s voice sounded like everything from MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden to Youth Lagoon and Jack White placed on top of equally multifaceted musical excursion ranging from freaky R&B, psychedelic pop, jazzy hip hop beats to abstract synth experiments. In retrospect, it’s one the most fascinating EP’s of 2011, one I revisit with increased frequency.

After shying away from the spotlight due to some legal issues and inspiration run dry, Laufman recently announced that a debut album is soon to meet the public’s eye. Following the release of the first single “Rat”, an odd psychedelic hip hop curiosity in line with Laufmans unorthodox take on pop music, his latest offering “Alarm” is one of the most original and trenchant pop gems I’ve heard all year. The inventive and stupendously catchy nature of the track is based around old-time jazzy horn samples and a laid-back funk groove, creating the sort of weirdo psychedelic R&B mishmash that has become Wise Blood’s trademark. This is playful, inventive and unforced pop music with a stone-cut groove sounding like absolutely nothing at the moment. In my book, “Alarm” is a marvelous success.

Wise Blood’s debut album titled id is out June 25 via Dovecote Records. Be prepared for something freakishly exceptional.

2 thoughts on “Wise Blood – Alarm

  1. Frida says:

    Just found myself listening to the song again and again since it ends too soon and I kept wondering if something happend to my computer. But no. It’s just a short song that’s good – and all good things must come to and end …well – almost;).

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