Jesse Ruins – Laura Is Fading


I haven’t previously heard anything from the Tokyo based three-piece, but I understand that Nobuyuki Sakuma started Jesse Ruins back in 2010 as a solo project. Two more members have joined since and last year they released their debut EP Dream Analysis.

Jesse Ruins style could best be described as mystical sci-fi pop meets Chromatics/Glass Candy. “Laura Is Fading” is by far their most popular release to date and works as the first teaser of their newly released debut album. It’s a beautiful hypnotic offering, gift-wrapped in warm shimmering synthesizers. The vocals bare some muted uncanny resemblance to Glass Candy’s Ida No, providing the same trails of new wave/no wave imbedded in an almost discordant performance. Despite the indistinguishable refrain it has enough hookish synths to be called pop, even if it’s spaced-out and mysterious.

A Film is out via Lefse Records (US), Desire Records (Europe) and Tugboat Records (Japan)

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