These New Puritans – Fragment Two


Judging by “Fragment Two” These New Puritans are far from the frantic post-punk excursions of their five years old debut and 2010’s almost equally destructive but more elegant follow-up Hidden. “Fragment Two” marks a decisively shift in scenery into a still purification, precisely considered by brooding piano chords, violins and horns over irregular drum patterns.  It’s a strange yet beautiful composition, showcasing a much more pedant approach to songwriting, obstinately defying any presumptuous expectations.

Their newly released Fields of Reeds is a journey into piano and strings-driven tensions of unsettling ambiance. It’s not an easy listen and I need a couple of more spins before deciding on its fate, but “Fragment Two” has certainly caught my attention of a band I hitherto didn’t give much thought.

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