CFCF – Camera


Further expanding on the innovative, multi-layered arrangement introduced on last year’s highly regarded Exercises, Michael Silver, better known as CFCF, will soon release Exercises companion EP titled Music For Objects. Based on its first teaser “Camera”, the EP is likely to continue the break from his former filmic textures that gained him a wide set of following as a prolific producer and remix artist.

The suggestive nature of “Camera” shapes steadily with small delicate gestures carried by sophisticated layers of brass-loops and carefully executed alterations in its piano-driven composition. The percussive presence is second to none, barely making an effort to be noticed. Instead the strength of “Camera” lies in its lavish arrangement occupying a large chunk of the middle and high frequencies, while determined to be seen amongst experimental composers like Philip Glass, David Borden and Brian Eno. In the confinement of electronic music, the minimalistic landscape of “Camera” reaches far beyond the nostalgia imposed electro-pop of “Monolith” or “Letters Home” – two of his more prominent tracks of 2009’s debut Continent.  It’s a most welcomed direction from a producer who persistently learns new ways to channel his experimental ambitions.

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