Majical Cloudz – Bugs Don’t Buzz


Based on last year’s excellent EP Turns Turns Turns and featured single “Childhood’s End”, Majical Cloudz Impersonator was one of my most anticipated records of this spring. It’s a record almost designed to alienate those who are not invited. It’s uncomfortable and honest, and on paper it’s a record that I certainly should’ve loved. But while the album is engaging from a lyrical point of view, I was hoping for a more fully realization of Welsh/Otto’s potential. I don’t mind the exceptionally minimalistic production, but over the course of 10 songs Welsh baritone voice becomes tedious and the emphasis on repetition becomes monotone. It’s a shame since the heights of Impersonator are stunning – but it relies on the cross point where the instrumentation mirrors the desperation in Welsh lyrics.

Except for “Childhood’s End”, “Bugs Don’t Buzz” is where the arrangement and the lyrics coincide to create something natural and breathtakingly gorgeous. Otto’s scarce piano-driven composition works like a church bell forming an almost hallowed incantation that could fit as a score to a Hollywood funeral. Welsh theatrical crescendo further enhance this sentiment, while offering a breathing space amongst Impersonator’s cumbersome offerings. On “Bugs Don’t Buzz” Majical Cloudz strike gold, creating musical substance to Impersonator’s otherwise shallow compositional mechanics.

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