Béisbol – Nothing Strange


After two EP releases, the Burian brothers Jeff and Ryan who also go by the moniker Béisbol (Spanish for Baseball) just released their debut full-length titled Lo-Fi Cocaine. The album stand-out “Nothing Strange” almost plays out in a reggae pulse with all the right ingredients of a summer indie anthem. While the song never falls out of bounds of familiar sounding glistening indie pop, the brothers show a sophisticated approach to melodies that is tailor-made for idle straw-hat days.

Originally form Southern California, the brothers moved to Portland and changed their name from Real Diamond to Béisbol. As their new home is a musical melting pot of psych rock, folk, garage punk and club music, it’s not that surprising that the brother’s fall smack in the middle of it all, not actually relating to any of it. Besides, their fondness of silky nostalgic west coast pop relates more to their sun stroked Californian roots than any of their Portland contemporaries. Lo-Fi Cocaine may be an uneven affair, but “Nothing Strange” together with a couple of similar offerings clearly demonstrates the duo’s a talent for melodious songwriting.

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