Hibou – Motion


I largely brushed aside Hibou’s two-sided single Glow/Holow as yet another lo-fi dream-pop act channeling The Cure and sounding a lot like the earlier works of Beach Fossils, The Drums and Wild Nothing. But with a track like “Motion” taken from his debut EP Dunes, it’s hard to ignore the Craft Spells offspring Peter Michel’s beautiful guitar-driven melodies anymore. We’ve heard it all before but in the end it doesn’t matter – good music is good music.

Much like Beach Fossils’ Zachary Cole Smith managed to create something better and bolder with Diiv, it seems that Michel’s creativity floats freely without the constrains of his former (?) band members. And just like Diiv, Michel relies solely on the guitar to craft the backbone of his melodies. While much of Dunes plays out in similar way, “Motion” is the track that best encapsulates Hibou’s songwriting capacity. This is where Hibou rises above of being a fairly standard dream-pop act and plays with our imagination of the possibilities that might lie ahead for Michel (who’s only 19). “Motion” and most of Dunes reveals an artist with the potential of becoming an excellent musician, but only if he can find a way of directing his songwriting into something more imaginative and creative.

Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing and other similar acts have largely moved on with their sound or even vanished, but for now Hibou does an excellent job of breathing life into a genre that is gradually fading before our eyes.

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